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4 Reasons Why Your AC Compressor Doesn’t Work When Your Fan Is Running

4 Reasons Why Your AC Compressor Doesn’t Work When Your Fan Is Running

Your home’s air conditioning compressor helps circulate air around quickly and cool off your property. But what happens if your AC compressor suddenly goes out? You turn on the AC and notice that your fan is running OK, but the air isn’t cold. It can be quite frustrating to be stuck in summer’s scorching heat when you’re in need of AC repair in Henderson.

In this blog, we will walk you through the four most common reasons why your AC compressor doesn’t work when your fan is running.

The Compressor Relay Is Defective

The compressor relay sends power from the battery to your AC’s compressor so that it can turn on and off as needed. When this relay malfunctions or stops working, there’s no way for power to get to your compressor at all. As a result, it won’t turn on when you want it to, so cold air won’t come out of your vents!

The relay could have been burnt down by electrical surges or miswired during installation. So, it’s safe to call a professional AC repair expert to diagnose and fix this issue for you.

AC Compressor's Capacitor Isn't Working

Another common cause of this problem is a bad capacitor inside your compressor unit. Compressors have a capacitor that discharges energy when they stop working so that they won’t start again when power returns. If this capacitor fails, it can keep the compressor from kicking off and running.

Compressor Burnout

A third possible culprit for this issue is compressor burnout. If you have an older-model air conditioner, it may be worn out and needs to be replaced. Older compressors aren’t designed for continuous use and can overheat if used too heavily for too long at a time. 

A lack of regular AC maintenance in Las Vegas, NV, can also cause the unit to crash internally due to wear and tear and excessive load. If you notice any signs of breakdown, hire a licensed expert to replace the compressor today!  

AC Compressor is Locked Up

When the compressor is locked up, it won’t start and blow cool air into your home. The reason why this happens is that the compressor has gotten too hot and locked up. Too much moisture in the air or a leak in the AC could also be causing this issue.

Your AC unit is a complex piece of machinery that can sometimes fail for no apparent reason. When this happens, contact the experts at Pioneer Air for AC replacement services in Las Vegas. Our team is ready to serve you.

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