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4 Signs You Need to Schedule Expert Heating Repair

4 Signs You Need to Schedule Expert Heating Repair

It’s hard to imagine a chilly winter day without the home heating system. But like all other equipment, heating systems also tend to break down. One of the ways to prevent a major breakdown is to ensure regular maintenance of your home heating system. But when the heating system gets a little older and fails despite regular maintenance? Fortunately, heating issues don’t come unannounced in most cases. Usually, you will notice a few signs indicating that your heating system is about to fail. To help you identify them, here’s a post that lists some signs that indicate you need to schedule an appointment for heating repair in Las Vegas.

1. There’s an Abnormal Odor Coming from Your Heating System

It’s normal for furnaces or heating systems to smell of fuel when they are turned on for the first time or after a very long time. But in most cases, these odors dissipate once the heating system runs for a few hours. If you still notice a strong odor that doesn’t dissipate over time, it could be because of a gas leak or any other major issue. In such cases, you must immediately call an expert for heating repair.

2. Your Heating System is Acting Up

If your heating system is not starting or it’s taking time to turn on, this could be because of a lack of fuel or some wiring issue. Do not ignore the problem and call an expert for furnace repair in Henderson, NV and have the heating system inspected. Remember, the heating system is a piece of complex equipment, and it is not safe to try fixing it on our own. So, it’s best to leave such issues to an air cooling and heating expert.

3. There’s a Discolored Pilot Light

A healthy pilot light is blue in color. If you notice a different pilot light color, such as pale blue or yellow, then this indicates there’s a problem with your heating system. In most cases, the pilot light color turns pale blue or yellow because of a lack of sufficient fuel or because of ventilation issues. The issue might also occur when carbon monoxide doesn’t dissipate properly. This can lead to fire or cause health issues in your family. So, it is advised to get the heating system inspected by an air cooling and heating professional as soon as you notice the sign.

4. Your Heating System is Not Providing Adequate Heat

One of the most common reasons for a heating system not providing adequate heat is clogged or leaky ductwork. The problem might also arise because of incorrect thermostat settings or a faulty thermostat. Check the thermostat settings and make sure they are set right. If that doesn’t solve the problem, get in touch with an expert for heating service in Las Vegas.

These were some of the many signs that you should not ignore as they indicate the need for heating system repair. If you are facing any issues with your air conditioning and heating system, we at Pioneer Air are here to help. To schedule an appointment, call us at (702) 831-4840 or send us an email at info@pioneerairlv.com.

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