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5 AC Maintenance Tips to Boost Your AC Unit’s Performance

5 AC Maintenance Tips to Boost Your AC Unit’s Performance

An air conditioner necessitates regular maintenance, especially because it is a regularly used item in every home. Air conditioning maintenance can extend the life of an AC and make it more efficient in the long term.

How can the performance of your air conditioner be improved? Where can you get AC maintenance in Las Vegas, NV?

5 AC Maintenance Tips to Increase the Performance of Your Unit

1. Air filters

An air conditioner’s air filters are prone to dirt and debris. These filters should be cleaned or replaced at least once a month, according to experts. The primary reason for the accumulation of dust on these filters is because their role is to capture these contaminants.

Furry pets are another reason that can cause clogged filters. A professional of AC repair in Las Vegas can clean up these filters to improve the quality of air that flows within a room.

2. Plants and bushes

An air conditioner’s outdoor unit is equally important. It is crucial to keep the outdoor unit free from anything that blocks it. Clear up the bushes and plants that grow outdoors.

The airflow is improved if the outdoor unit is well maintained and cleaned up regularly. It improves the efficiency of an air conditioner and reduces the work it has to do.

3. Drain Line

The drain line of an air conditioner collects moisture from an AC systems in Las Vegas. As a result, these drain lines are prone to clogging. Cleaning up these drain lines can prevent your air conditioner from releasing a foul odour. Apart from this, they also improve the efficiency of your air conditioner.

Preventive maintenance for the drain lines can be done by flushing them with a small quantity of bleach. A repair professional can clean up these drain pipes to ensure better air quality circulation.

4. Thermostat

The thermostat settings on an air conditioner are essential. Setting these values right can directly improve the efficiency and performance of an air conditioner. A programmed thermostat eliminates the need for human intervention.

Set the thermostat to the temperatures you desire at various times throughout the day. They are cost-efficient and help your air conditioner consume less power thereby, reducing the energy bill prices.

5. Professional Maintenance

Regular AC service in Las Vegas by an air conditioning repair company is highly recommended. A lot of factors can affect an air conditioning unit in the long run. Getting these components fixed can prevent you from spending too much money on frequent repairs while also improving the efficiency of your AC unit.

Most Common AC Problems You Could Face

  • Reduced airflow
  • Noise emitting air conditioners
  • Damage in electrical and mechanical components
  • Leaky ductwork
  • Reduced indoor air quality

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