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5 Reasons You Should Replace Indoor and Outdoor AC Units at the Same Time

5 Reasons You Should Replace Indoor and Outdoor AC Units at the Same Time

If you have planned to replace your air conditioning system, know that you can replace the indoor and the outdoor unit separately if one of the two is in working condition. However, since several factors create a significant difference when you do that, it is often advised to replace your AC systems in Las Vegas together. Let’s discuss why.

Top Reasons to Replace Indoor and Outdoor AC Units at the Same Time

High-Performance Results

Most AC systems consisting of an indoor and outdoor unit work best when they are replaced together because they are made for each other. If you replace one of them, it might result in a lack of compatibility, resulting in low efficiency and poor performance. Most AC manufacturers design these units to work well together (as a whole unit).

Accurate Efficiency Measurement

Your HVAC systems are critical to efficient heating and air conditioning in Las Vegas. When it comes to measuring their efficiency, you would need to check their ratings, such as SEER (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio) and HSPF (Heating Seasonal Performance Factor). Unfortunately, you can only measure these ratings accurately if your indoor and outdoor units are compatible with each other. Hence, it is important to replace them together.

The Old Vs. New Technology

Let’s understand this factor using an excellent example. Suppose you use a ten-year-old outdoor unit with a brand new indoor unit. It can create a lot of differences, such as a lack of synchronization between the two, leading to imbalanced filtering, energy consumption, noise levels, etc.

Using an old unit with a new unit can affect each other’s performance, and you may end up with a system that doesn’t perform as per your requirements and still consumes a lot of power.

Double Installation Costs

If you replace your outdoor unit, you will need to pay for its installation. After some time, if you need to replace the indoor unit, you will be paying a separate installation fee for it to your Paradise, NV HVAC service provider. Whereas, if you replace both units together, you would be able to save a considerable amount of money and time.

Save Future Costs

If your old indoor unit gets damaged and further affects the new outdoor unit, the manufacturer might not be able to cover its repairs under warranty. Whereas, if you replace both at the same time, you get a new long-term warranty for both of them, helping you avoid repair costs in the future.

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