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5 Signs Showing the Need for Air Duct Cleaning

5 Signs Showing the Need for Air Duct Cleaning

Air conditioning systems are an integral part of your home. Likewise, air ducts are integral parts of your AC units. They help transfer conditioned air to your rooms and help maintain the desired temperature. Considering their importance, you should clean them periodically, or as required. As the air ducts are responsible for circulating clean air throughout your place, it becomes necessary to keep them clean; because otherwise, it increases the risk of infections and potentially decreases the performance of the AC unit.

You might stay busy with your tight schedule, and not pay attention to your air ducts which can be dirty or with mold formed inside them. Besides that, you might not know when to clean the ducts, or if it is even possible for you to clean them on your own. We are here to help you. In this article, we will discuss five signs that indicate it is time for AC duct cleaning in Henderson, NV. Let’s read through it.

5 Signs Indicating It is Time for Air Duct Cleaning

Odor in Place

One of the core roles of an AC is to provide clean air, and while there are very few chances your AC produces unpleasant odors, it might be coming from your ducts.

When there’s odor in your room (even slight odor), try to look for things that might be the cause. If you find nothing, turn off your AC for a good amount of time and air out the space. Once there’s little to no odor in the room, you may close the entryways and turn on your AC. Still stinky? It is an indication your AC ducts need cleaning. While you may clean them on your own, hiring a professional AC service in Las Vegas firm in your area is good to save time and effort.

Dust All Around

Are you tired of dusting your rooms every day? Do you find dust all around the place even after keeping all doors and windows closed and cleaning the rooms frequently? If so, your ductwork might be the gateway for the dust coming into your rooms, showing that it’s time to clean them too.

Even if you keep your entire home clean, dust particles, dirt, pet dander, and other pollutants can build up hidden inside the ductwork. Air from dirty ducts carries harmful contaminants capable enough to make anyone sick. For homeowners with allergies or respiratory problems like asthma, it is crucial to keep the ducts cleaned.

If you are experiencing an increase in allergies or dust in your place, it shows your air ducts need cleaning as soon as possible.

Insects Spotted

If you spot insects in your room, you know there is no way they can enter your home other than your ducts. It also indicates that it is time for their cleaning. Insects or rodents can easily make their way into your house via ducts.

The point of concern is that they carry viruses, bacteria, and other harmful microorganisms that can spread diseases around your home. There are high chances of you or any of your family members falling sick. If you have recently found insects or rodents at your place, it indicates the ductwork needs to be cleaned on an immediate basis. As you might also need to sanitize the ducts, it is better to hire one of the best AC companies for air duct cleaning and sanitization needs.

Low Airflow

Have you felt that your lobby area is colder than your bedroom and just another room is as cold as Alaska? It happens when there’s unstable airflow across your home. Some common reasons behind that are dirty or clogged air vents and ducts. For example, have your AC vents turned brown, or do they have dust sticking to them? If yes, it is an indication the vents and ductwork need to be cleaned.

Dirty filters may also result in dirty ducts, causing multiple air conditioning problems. If the AC airflow is not equal across your home, it is time you should get the ductwork and filter cleaned.

High Power Bills

When your AC unit doesn’t perform well for any number of reasons, it usually results in high power bills. The AC system is made of multiple components, and if one of them gets slightly imbalanced or damaged, it loses its efficiency. Hence, consuming more power and working for more hours leads to higher power bills.

Some of the most common AC issues start with air coming through dirty filters, ducts, and vents. When not cleaned periodically, these components can build up dirt and debris, reducing the AC’s efficiency and increasing your power bills. More than an indication, it can be alarming knowing that it’s time for a complete inspection and maintenance.

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