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Air Conditioning Inspection Checklist

Air Conditioning Inspection Checklist

Are you ready for your AC inspection in Las Vegas, NV? Finally, it’s time to book an appointment with your HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning) contractor and check up on the air conditioner’s maintenance.

What’s included in the air conditioner checklist?

The technician assigned by your HVAC contractor inspects your heating and air conditioning in Las Vegas and its components to verify if they are in good working condition. Maintenance is required to reduce the harmful effects of wear and tear and mainly to resolve malfunctions, if any, to avoid any damage in the future.

Inspection and AC maintenance in Las Vegas, NV, will increase its performance efficiency. Better the performance efficiency, the lower will be the energy consumption. This helps homeowners to keep their summer cooling costs low. If the air-conditioner is timely inspected, the maintenance and repair cost is reduced eventually, thereby maximizing system service life.

Here is the checklist for an AC inspection

Air conditioner inspection includes maintenance tasks and the following checks – 

  • Evaporator and condenser coils are cleaned to improve efficiency and heat transfer.
  • To ensure the system has the correct amount of refrigerant, refrigerant level testing and adjustments are made.
  • Delivery of proper airflow through the cooling system is performed by the blower testing component.
  • Thermostat inspection is done to ensure if communication between the thermostat and air conditioner is being done correctly.
  • Energy consumption can be lowered by lubricating the moving parts in the blower motor.
  • The inspection also includes electrical connection checking and tightening to make sure motor voltage and current are correct.
  • To reduce excess humidity and prevent water damage, a condensation drain inspection is done.
  • Finally, system control checks are done to examine if cooling cycles are accurate and if the system is running safely.

Checklist for homeowner AC inspection

In addition to hiring professionals for air conditioner maintenance, homeowners also have to take care of their cooling system. 

Let’s discuss what the steps involved in homeowners air conditioning inspection are – 

  • Homeowners must check furnace filters every month to check if the filter is clogged and requires it to be changed. We also provide the best AC replacement in Las Vegas.
  • Cleaning of Condenser is an important step in air conditioner inspection. The process helps clean the outdoor unit to remove grass, clippings, twigs, and any other vegetation growing on it.
  • Make sure every time you mow, brush away all the buildup that has been accumulated on the outdoor unit.
  • Reset your thermostat in the summer season to ensure the thermostat is accurate and efficient for cooling seasons.
  • Homeowners also need to inspect registers to allow proper airflow through the cooling system and house. 

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