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Air Conditioning Service – What is the Actual Cost?

Air Conditioning Service – What is the Actual Cost?

In this scorching heat, it’s really tough for any of us to function without an air conditioner. What’s worse is having a good AC system, and said system breaking down in the middle of the summer. But worry not, getting your air conditioner serviced is quite easy, especially with the help of the air conditioning service in Henderson

Air conditioning is not just for keeping your living and working space comfortable, it also assists infiltration of air and providing you with cleaner, cooler air. In case there is a problem with your air conditioner, you must know how much it costs to solve the particular issue. We are providing you here with a general rundown of all the problems that could occur with your AC Systems in Las Vegas, and how much it would cost approximately.

  • Refrigerant leak

A refrigerant leak occurs when there are holes or breaks in the refrigerant line. If there is a hissing or gurgling sound, there is a high possibility that your system has a leak. The repair cost would depend on the severity of the leak and where the problem is. It might range from $150 – $500. For effective and quick services, you can get in touch with the Emergency AC repair in Las Vegas.

  • AC circuit board replacement

Problems with the circuit board are not easy to sense, as they are not visible. Some signs that your AC circuit board is failing are sudden failure of the system or failure in maintaining the temperature set by the thermostat. This can be rectified only by replacing the AC circuit board with a new one. Depending on the model and the brand, a new circuit board could cost anywhere between $450 and $1300.

  • Fan motor replacement

AC fan motors are more prone to damage as they are one of the most worked parts of the system. When there is a rattling sort of noise from your air conditioner, it means that the fan is not working properly. For replacing your fan, the estimated cost is from $500 to $1200. For all kinds of AC services, one can contact the AC Replacement in Las Vegas, NV.

  • Replacing the capacitor

Some symptoms that your AC capacitor is malfunctioning are humming noises, a sudden rise in your energy bills, and your AC system turning off suddenly. Replacing your capacitor with a new one will cost you around $300.

  • Contactor replacement

The contactor is the part that verifies the flow of current to all the other parts of the AC unit, thus leaving the AC ineffective. A contactor replacement could range from $150 – $350. This is one of the units of your system that might get damaged often. 
In case of any services, you can give a call to the Air Conditioning Companies in Las Vegas and get your repairs done at a reasonable price. We assure the customers of the best service and justifiable rates. One can contact us for any services and purchases related to AC systems.

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