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Fixing a Blocked AC Drain Line

Fixing a Blocked AC Drain Line

As AC service technicians, we’ve seen many clogged AC drain lines over the years. Most of these clogs are caused by debris that has made its way into the AC drain pan and then down into the drain line. If this pipe becomes blocked by debris or other items, it can cause major damage to your HVAC system, and sometimes even requires emergency AC repair in Las Vegas

In addition to blocking up your HVAC system, a blocked drain line can also result in mold growth on surfaces inside your home. This will make you sick if you breathe in those spores, which could lead to serious respiratory problems like asthma or bronchitis. This guide will show how to take care of your air conditioner and its drain line so you don’t end up with a big mess on your hands.

Turn Off the Air Conditioner

First, turn off power to your system at its electrical panel or disconnect it entirely if possible. Then unplug any electrical cords connecting it to its power source and conditioner and allow it to cool down for at least 15 minutes before proceeding. Doing so will prevent any injuries from hot water or steam when you remove the cover from your air conditioner’s drain pan.

Wear Protective Gear

Even though this job is relatively simple, you’ll want to protect yourself from injury by wearing protective gloves and goggles. A face mask can also help keep you safe from any chemicals your home’s HVAC system releases.

Find the Drain Line

The next step is finding where exactly your AC’s drain lines are located for you to get started on unclogging them. The pan is usually found below the evaporator coils. If you can’t find your AC drain pan, contact an HVAC service professional for help. An expert will be able to provide this AC service in Las Vegas, NV.

Clean Out the Drain Line

When you’ve located the pan, look for any blockages in it—this will be easier if you use a flashlight. Next, use a pipe cleaner or small brush to remove any blockages from inside the tube and check to see if water flows freely through it again.
If not, try using a larger brush or a wire to clean out any remaining obstructions. Also, a simple solution like an extended vacuum hose attached to an electric handheld vacuum cleaner can be used to clear out the gunk, if necessary.

Drain the Water

You’ll want to ensure that any excess water has been drained from the system after unclogging the line. If you’ve already drained the unit but still have standing water inside, let it sit for a few hours or overnight, so any remaining moisture can evaporate naturally.

Do you find yourself stumped by a clogged drain line, and none of these DIY solutions work for you? If yes, call in Pioneer Air for HVAC service in Henderson, NV. Call (702) 831-4840.

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