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How Often Should You Change Your Air Conditioner Filter?

How Often Should You Change Your Air Conditioner Filter?

Air conditioners work for a long period of time, especially on peak summer days, which makes the filter a little more dirty than usual. This  means it is important that you  clean your filters regularly during high-functioning season. And when it comes to deciding how often you should change your air conditioner filter, you need to consider some key factors. Air filters of AC systems in Las Vegas can be easily changed on your own or with the help of a professional. But first, let’s read further to learn more.

How to Find the Right AC Filter for Your Air Conditioner?

AC filters widely vary according to the type and model of the AC they are made for. Unfortunately, this means you might get confused, wondering which one is made for your unit. Therefore, the best you can do is check your air conditioner’s user manual or manufacturer guide to find the best suitable air filter for your AC. If you are still unable to find it, call the manufacturer or an experienced provider of air conditioning service in Henderson for the best support.

Factors Influencing How Often You Should Change Your Air Conditioner Filter

The Air Filter’s Type

If your AC has a permanent air filter, you need not replace it. You can simply clean it. On the other hand, if it is a replaceable air filter. You may consider changing it every 1 to 2 months, and the same goes with cleaning a permanent one.

Number of Your Family Members

An air conditioner in a home with several family members will need air filter cleaning or replacement more often than usual, for instance, every 4 – 6 weeks. In contrast, an AC in a home with a micro family might need air filter cleaning or replacement in 2 – 6 months.

Health Concerns

If you or a couple of your family members have allergies, it is essential to change or clean your air conditioner filter within 25-30 days. In case of no allergy concerns, you can change or clean your AC’s air filter within 5-8 weeks.

Indoor Air Quality

If the air from your AC emits a foul odor, it is a sign that you need an AC tune-up in Henderson, which covers air filter cleaning or replacement. The indoor air quality will help you determine how often you should change or clean the air filter.

Outdoor Air Quality

Your area’s air quality index will also help you determine how often you should change or clean your AC filter. Good air quality means regular cleaning or replacement, while poor air quality means you need to clean or replace it every 4-6 weeks.

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