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Top 5 Benefits of Air Duct Cleaning

Top 5 Benefits of Air Duct Cleaning

The regular air duct cleaning of your duct system is extremely important in circulating air in every part of the house. Ducts are installed inside the frames of the ceiling or floors to provide efficient cooling inside the house. 

Ducts are ignored frequently, and no one notices them until there is leakage in the pipes causing inefficient air. This happens when dust accumulates inside the pipes of the duct system. 

Dust and dirt hinder the AC from delivering good-quality and efficient services. They block the air passage, and the AC has to work harder to remove the obstacles. At Pioneer Air, one of the best air conditioning companies in Las Vegas, we recommend you schedule air duct cleaning services annually to minimize issues caused by dirty ductwork. 

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Why Do Ducts Get Dirty? 

The question might come up in your brain: why do ducts get dirty when the air gets filtered and clean from the air filter. When you get an AC inspection in Las Vegas, NV, you’ll notice air filters do not entirely filter the air and remove the impurities like particulate matter, dander, dust, and harmful bacteria and pathogens. 

The contaminants particles get inside the HVAC system and are circulated 5-7 times in the interiors. The recirculation causes particle accumulation inside the pipes. 

Are There Any Duct Cleaning Services Available? 

Air duct cleaning services help to clear and tidy up the ducts and repair any issues found in the ductwork. It includes the cleaning of the following components as well: 

  • Supply and return air ducts 
  • Heat exchangers 
  • Condensate drain pans
  • Fan motor and housing
  • Air handling unit 

When you book an AC tune-up in Las Vegas, NV, this is a good time to also schedule air duct cleaning services. Just ask to add it on since our technicians will already be servicing your AC system. 

Benefits Of Calling AC Duct Cleaning Services In Henderson, NV, And Neighboring Places

Here are some of the advantages of hiring our specialists for duct cleaning and maintenance: 

  1. Clean ducts will help maintain the cleanliness of the air in the surroundings. You will breathe clean and fresh air, and your family is at lower risk of chronic pulmonary problems that could be caused by air pollution.  
  2. Allergens flowing in the air can cause rashes and skin irritation in all age groups. Everyone gets affected by pollutants and particulate matter like dust, fungus, dander, pollen, mildew, and others in the air, from babies to the elderly. Even if the air filters clean the air thoroughly, the air can take up dust and dirt settled in pipes and pollute the interiors. 
  3. Respiratory problems like sinus infection, bronchial congestion, sore throat, and coughing and sneezing problems are caused by polluted air. It is better to get the HVAC system cleaned before it turns into something serious like asthma.
  4. The lifespan of the HVAC system can be increased if you get it cleaned regularly. A duct that is not working efficiently will have to work overtime, and this puts a strain on the machinery. The filters will also clog up quickly, and this affects the smooth functioning of the entire system. All these factors lead to wear and tear of parts, which will be expensive to replace. 
  5. Cleaning and maintaining the ductwork will help save money in the long run as it will reduce repair and replacement costs. A professional cleaning service will also check for any leaks or cracks in the ductwork and seal them so that there are no air leaks. This will boost the system’s efficiency, as all the conditioned air stays inside, and no energy is wasted.

It can also help to reduce your energy bills. When the ducts are blocked, the AC has to work harder to circulate air, which uses more energy and drives up your utility bills. Call Pioneer Air today to schedule maintenance and AC duct cleaning in Henderson, NVand neighboring areas.

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