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Why Is There A Burning Smell When I Switch On My Heater?

Why Is There A Burning Smell When I Switch On My Heater?

Imagine yourself coming back from a long day at work. It is freezing outside, and all you want right now is to sit in warmth and comfort. But when you switch on the heater, you notice a burning smell from heater coming out. 

What you should immediately do is turn off your heater, keep your family away from it and call your HVAC professional for help. Once your technician inspects your heater and says that you are out of any danger, you can think about HVAC repair in Las Vegas

There can be many reasons for the burning smell that you witnessed. It is not abnormal in heating devices. However, in such cases, you need to determine whether or not the burning smell is due to damage.

When Is The Burning Smell Typical? 

It often happens that when one switches on the heating system after a while, a layer of dust collects on the parts, and as the parts fire up, the layer of dust gets burned off. As a result, the odor generally vanishes in about an hour.

Warning Smells When You Switch On Your Heater

There are many kinds of burning smells as well. If one of the below is what you witness, you should immediately contact your HVAC professional for expert heating service in Las Vegas.

  • Burning smell due to a worn out belt or capacitor 

If the furnace parts like the fan belt or capacitor have worn out but are still running without replacement, it could result in a plastic-like burning smell. A plastic-like smell can also result from a foreign object like a bottle cap or some small plastic object that has made its way into the furnace. Therefore, one should immediately call their specialist in heating and air conditioning in Las Vegas to look at the device.

  • Burning smell due to electrical fault

A burning smell from heater can also be caused by melted wiring inside your heating unit. This occurs due to electrical faults. It is necessary to check if the insulation of the wires is intact. Otherwise, melted wires can lead to an electrical fire as well.

  • Burning smell due to overheating

When the blower motor overheats, it can cause an electrical burning smell. Typically, heating systems power themselves down in such cases. However, this overheating is more often than not clogging the airway due to dust collection in the filter. So, you must replace your filter from time to time to avoid this problem.

When the circuit board or fan motor gets overheated, it produces a gunpowder-like smell. This indicates that your heater needs servicing.

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